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Premium Quality Medical Marijuana

Maple Valley Pharms is a licensed and registered caregiver providing personalized medicine to certified patients in the state of Maine and beyond. As a growing Maine-based business operating out of the greater Waterville-Fairfield area, we are proud to offer an outstanding and unique variety of Medical Marijuana and CBD products, as well as a professional atmosphere unlike any other.

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Wide Variety of New and Interesting Products

Maple Valley Pharms is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary operating out of Fairfield and Waterville, Maine focused on providing the highest quality products available. We have hundreds of offerings in our store including: flower, CBD and THC tinctures, lotions, balms, vapes, kief rosin, edibles, CBD products, healing creams, and many more! 


Fill Out a Medical Card Application Today

Don't have your medical card? Look no further.

Maple Valley Pharms has an extremely brief two-page application that will be given to our local doctor who will call and answer any questions you may have about medical marijuana and CBD products. Our local doctor drops new patients' medical cards off at the store in Waterville every Saturday. If you prefer us to mail the card, that is also an option! The cost of the medical card is $75.